- Eliška Nováková, M.A.

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    Do you have problems with family or at work?

Welcome to my private practice.

My name is Eliska Novakova and as a counseling psychologist and coach I would like to offer you my services in mental health and personal development.

There are some situations in life, often new ones, that perhaps you don’t know how to handle. Conversely, often, there are situations in life that continually repeat in a cycle and you are unable to change their outcome. Do you feel stressed, anxious or fearful? Are you afraid of the outcome? Do you feel confused or depressed? Perhaps it is time to seek support.

How can I help you:

  • support while exploring your issues within in various aspects of your life
  • individual and couples counselling
  • difficulties in adapting your environment
  • problems with your partner or family
  • controlling your emotions
  • reducing anxiety, sadness, depression
  • managing fear
  • overcoming difficult life situations
  • building up self-confidence and life satisfaction
  • improving your performance and time management
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